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Welcome to my site! Daddy's Cakes started when my son turned one year old and I decided I would attempt to make his first birthday cake. After that cake was a success I have made my son's cake every year. This past year my daughter got her first cake made by daddy. My children are the inspiration behind Daddy's Cakes . It started because my wife and I love our children and want to make their birthdays as memorable as possible and what better way than an over the top, not so ordinary birthday cake! Let our family tradition become yours as well.
Daddy's Cakes Prices

Standard Birthday Cake: 8" round, double layer, chocolate or vanilla buttercream icing, top and bottom border, polka dots, and recipients name ($35) All other cakes are considered custom or themed cakes and fall under the per serving price guide. Show me a picture or request a theme and I will design a cake that fits your description. Prices will vary depending on complexity, difficulty of design and any special products needed to complete your cake. I will give you an estimate once I figure everything needed to complete your cake. Please give a one week notice for all custom/themed cakes.
Cake Flavors: Chocolate fudge, Devil's Food, Classic Yellow, White, Lemon, Strawberry
Icing Flavors: Chocolate Buttercream, Vanilla Buttercream, (Premium add $0.50 per serving) Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Dessert Cakes: ($35) Chocolate Peanut Butter

Cupcakes: ($18 per Dozen)Cupcakes are made to match your main party color. This includes a flavor of your choice and one icing color. A fee of $5.00 of will be charged for each additional color. If you want cupcakes with hand crafted custom fondant toppers pricing is $30 per dozen.

Payment, Deposit, and Refund Policy:   Payment is cash only at this time. All cakes $100 or more, a 50% deposit is required before I can accept your order and put your cake on the schedule. A two weeks notice is required for all custom cakes. If you need to cancel your order, do so within one week on the day we agreed your cake would be complete. This is the only way to get a deposit refund. A custom cake requires time and material. If you attempt to cancel less than one week before your event, I have already gathered the required ingredients and material for your cake and I cannot take any other orders that week. Also, once you have accepted a cake and paid in full there are no refunds. I aim to please every customer, but I know that may not happen. If you don't like the taste of a cake after you have accepted and paid for it I cannot give a refund. Taste is subjective and will vary with each individual. It does not constitute a valid reason for refund. I hope this does not happen or else I won't be in business long anyway!
    1. Itsy Bitsy Spider
      Itsy Bitsy Spider
    2. Spiderman
    3. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
      Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
    4. Super Mario Brothers
      Super Mario Brothers
    5. Spiderman
    6. Spiderman
    7. MAX
    8. WWE
    9. Groom's Cake
      Groom's Cake
    10. Halloween Scared Pumpkin
      Halloween Scared Pumpkin
    11. Skylanders
    12. Plants vs Zombies
      Plants vs Zombies
    13. Plants vs Zombies
      Plants vs Zombies
    14. Topsy Turvy Christmas Cake
      Topsy Turvy Christmas Cake
    15. Topsy Turvy Christmas Cake
      Topsy Turvy Christmas Cake
    16. Title 16
      Title 16
    17. Title 17
      Title 17
    18. Title 18
      Title 18
    19. Minnie Mouse
      Minnie Mouse
    20. Title 20
      Title 20
    21. Title 21
      Title 21
    22. Title 22
      Title 22
    23. Title 23
      Title 23
    24. Title 24
      Title 24
    25. Title 25
      Title 25
    26. Title 26
      Title 26
    27. Title 27
      Title 27
    28. Title 28
      Title 28
    29. Title 29
      Title 29
    30. Title 30
      Title 30
    31. Title 31
      Title 31
    32. Title 32
      Title 32
    33. Title 33
      Title 33
    34. Lego Cake
      Lego Cake
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